Alison Price

Professional Equestrian Photographer

I have a passion for photographing horses and ponies in all disciplines.
There is nothing like knowing the feeling of taking a great photograph – when all the parts fall together.
Being in the right place at the right time with the right light. It is why I do what I do.
The elasticity, rhythm and balance of the horses/ponies make taking photos an art, as every four legs have a different style and this leads to fresh challenges. There is only a split second to capture the moment for a spot on photo. 


Latest Events

Rotorua & B.O.P. Final Hunt

6. 8. 2022 Jump, People & Portrait.

Taupo Final Hunt & Harvey Final Hunt as Huntsman

30. 7. 2022 Jump, People & Portrait

Waihora Station Hunt

23th July 2022 Jump, People & Portrait

Rangatira E Trust Hunt

14th July 2022 Jump, People & Portrait I will remove the manure from the Portrait & Jumping photos.

Hunt Week. S & C Deadman, Forest Road

10. 7. 2022 Gallop, Jump & Portrait

King Country Combined at Niederer

29th June 2022 Jump & Portrait